Medic Mentor

A Journal for Medical Professionals

With the medical fraternity expanding and discovering new technology every day, the services and amenities are expanding simultaneously, delivering world class treatment at affordable costs. The practitioners and skilled professionals become so engrossed in delivering expert services to the seekers of medical help that they often miss the latest updates, news and events occurring within their fraternity.

Thus in order to keep the representatives informed and to apprise them with the latest developments, Medic Mentor is India’s only interactive Bi-monthly Magazine devoted exclusively to Medical Fraternity. Circulated to all Medical Professionals, Medical College Libraries, and medical students, across India, the magazine draws its elaborate and comprehensive content through the representatives placed in all major Medical Colleges and cities in India.

With Medic Mentor, you can glance through the technologies transforming and improving India’s medical services and making it easily available for all sections of the society. With such progressive information, you can incorporate futuristic services and activities in your routine practice to help bridge the gap between the medical facilities available for various segments of society.

Under the supervision of a noted medical expert Dr. Zia Hashim, Medic Mentor gives readers in-depth information about what the medical world is up to at any given point of time. Dr. Zia Hashim is the M.D, DM (PGI Chd), and is currently working as Assistant Professor Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow.

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